Sydney Badminton Player Practicing


The venues are fully equipped with BWF approved professional YONEX badminton mats and BWF approved court lighting, bringing world-class facilities to badminton enthusiasts in Sydney. Come join us to maximise your badminton experience with us and also utilise our facility to accomplish your badminton dreams.

Special care has been taken in building the badminton facility by taking care of the long term affect of the players health. The playing surface is a multi-layer flooring which is soft on the knees.

The surface is made of 5 tiers:

1. Humid absorber
2. Shock absorber pads
3. Timber
4. Floorboard
5. Global standard Yonex mats

Badminton Court Floor Shock Absorber

Why is the playing surface important to you?

We have given special attention to the type of surface that we use for badminton. After a lot of research, we have concluded that a floating surface with the Yonex badminton mats gives the optimum performance for both the game and the body. The long term affect on a players knees and bone joints is important consideration for us on investing in a top quality surface.

Age and performance level of users can also be a determining factor. Because their bones and joints are still growing and their muscles are not as developed, young children may benefit from a sports floor that has higher shock absorption to minimize injuries and reduce impact.

A flooring with shock absorber can benefit the players by reducing the long term stress effect on the knee joints. Shock pads and wooden beams work in unison to ensure that the force exerted onto the playing surface is split between different units. This increases the elasticity of the floor, in effect reducing forces on the athlete’s body. This force reduction is measured by a statistic called Force Reduction (KA).

About Badminton Court Surface

Height of the badminton courts:

We have taken special consideration in choosing the right venues for the game of badminton with the court height as recommended by the global sports governing body for Badminton: The Badminton World Federation : BWF suggested global standard for minimum height of badminton courts:

Specifications for International Standard Facilities

Kings Park Venue has the height of ~11 Meters.

Eastern creek venue has height of 12 Meters.

Both the venues meet the BWF standard for court heights.

Sydney Sports Club at Eastern Creek features:

  • 8 world-class badminton courts.
  • Partnered with the World No 1 badminton brand – YONEX.
  • BWF approved lights for intense and fast paced games.
  • Easily accessible from M7 and M4 and a minute from Light Horse interchange.
  • Brand new state-of-the-art badminton facilities.
  • World class badminton training machine.
  • 100 car-parking lot.
  • Brand new modern toilets, showers and change rooms.
  • Coaching classes one on one, group lessons from all ages and levels.
  • Morning and evening Badminton social groups.
  • Generous seating areas for spectators.
  • Drinks and Food vending machine.

All of our staff have extensive knowledge about the game of badminton and are happy to help with any inquiries you might have. Please feel free to email us on [email protected] or even come in and check out our Pro shop.